Cedar Cats at Woodfest

Trevors Baby

Inspired by a stone carving at St Martins in the field

Easter island man

Carved from Silver Birch in a private garden in Dorridge

Broadwater Park Totem

Carved in Welsh Oak, the totem depicts some of the birds and animals found in the park.

Mouse_Pixie Sandringham Cup Competition

This carving of a pixie with an owl swooping over her head and a collection of mice won second prize in the competition. The carvings of the dolphins and the eagle catching the fish were the winning carvings of the show.

Pan at Margam Park Port Talbot

Carved from a chestnut tree that fell in the park. The carving features (krin) african slot drums in its base.

Robin's carvings

Dragon at European Championship Germany

This little dragon is carved in oak.


Rhiannon Queen of Avenue Rd May

This was a private commission, carved from a well loved chestnut tree which died. The design comes from the Lewis Chessmen,which are viking chess pieces found on the isle of Uig in the 1800′s more info about them can be found at the British Museum website ..Inspiration for this carving came when the family went on holiday to Uig and saw the beautiful King in the sand dunes there http://www.ceuig.com/uig-chessmen http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/online_tours/britain/buried_treasures/the_lewis_chessmen.aspx

Angels Embrace Memorial Bench May

A memorial bench in oak carved with the help of Tree surgeons Stuart Thompson and Leigh Sherlock (Elemental Tree Surgeons and very mental Furniture Co.) who asked me to come and make this with them. This bench can be seen at Stockgrove Country Park, Heath and Reach, near Milton Keynes. The Inscription reads. ~Lynn Farrell~ Embraced in our hearts forever~

Jens Love Spoon

This spoon is carved from Cherry wood with Laburnum Intarsia. It has an Ank surrounded by flames and a pair of celtic dogs (great Danes) it also has two balls in a spiral cage, finished of with a generous heart shaped bowl it is a unique design commissioned as a valentines gift by Brett for Jen. I very rarely make lovespoons any more as I was bored of the repetition. I am however happy to make individual spoons like this one.

Skye Terrier

Made from Oak which has been ebonised by painting the finished carving with vinager which has had wire wool or old nails left to stand in it.

Thinking Lady Stockgrove Park May

A private commission, carried out at the visitor centre at Stockgrove Country Park, http://www.greensandtrust.org/stockSites.html in collaboration with tree surgeons Leigh Sherlock and Stuart Thompson Elemental Tree Surgeons and very mental Furniture Co.

2009 Commemorative Bowl May

A votive bowl This is part of a group of carvings (The Fairy carvings 2008)currently being installed At Thornhill Cemetery Cardiff, As the centrepiece for their Small and Premature Baby Memorial garden which will be dedicated later this year All the carvings in this group are made from Mahogany, which was bought into the country around 25 years ago and has been standing unused since then. Pictures of the completed Instalation will be posted Later in the year http://www.cardiff.gov.uk/bereavement/


North Wales Woodfest

14 carvers on the pitch at The Woodfest In St Asaph,North Wales. On the 5th 6th and 7th of June http://www.woodfestwales.co.uk/north/

Cwmaman Celtic Obelisk

Unfortunately I dont have any pictures of this standing up as It hasnt been put up yet It was carved during Environment week at Cwmaman and is made from sequoia (giant redwood) it as 10 foot tall and will be mounted on a stone plinth.

Thornhill caterpillars

These are a pair of benches for children to play on, made from oak using the natural shape of the timber to make the caterpillars.

Thornhill Fairy Group

Pictures of the fairy group of carvings installed in the Small Baby Memorial Garden at Thornhill Crematorium in Cardiff.

European Championships Germany 09

Held in Steinbeck near Hamburg it was an amazing experience with 25 carvers from all over the world taking part. I had a wonderful time and was looked after really well. My carving of a sleeping dragon in Oak was bought by a lady who was born in the Chinese year of the Dragon.

Cherry Nude Alton Hampshire


2008 various carvings

Various carvings from 2008



random carvings from 2007

Various carvings from 2007


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